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Postdoctoral fellows

If you are interested in applying for external funding to join the lab as a postdoc, please contact Dr. Hampton. For more information about the research of the former postdoctoral fellows in our lab, visit Vicky Tu and Ikuma Adachi.

Postdoctoral research in our lab can be funded through a variety of mechanisms:

Our advertised position for an NIH-funded postdoc is currently filled.


Prospective graduate students should contact Dr. Hampton. Also, use the following pages to learn more about the Neuroscience and Animal Behavior program, the Emory Graduate School, and the Yerkes National Primate Research Center. For more information about the research of current graduate students in our lab, visit Ryan, Jessica, or Jonny.


Our lab typically accepts one to three undergraduate researchers each semester. Students help run ongoing experiments, develop their own research projects in collaboration with a mentor, and gain research experience. Students can join the lab as volunteers, can do independent study to earn course credit, can work on an honor's thesis, or may participate in an undergraduate research program (see below). Contact Dr. Hampton for more information.

Several kinds of experience are helpful, but not required, if you wish to work in the lab.

  • Experience training animals in any context
  • Completion of Intro Psychology, Animal Behavior, or other courses in Psychology or Biology that pertain to behavior or cognition
  • Completion of Psychology Statistics and Methods sequence
  • Experience programming computers. Formal instruction could be acquired taking CS 170 or CS 110. For our cognitive testing, we use Visual Basic.
  • Facility with advanced Excel functions such as formulas and conditional sum wizard

Having some of these qualifications, while not absolutely required, will increase the extent to which you can make meaningful contributions to scientific projects. For further information, please review our lab guidelines and expectations.

The following programs help support undergraduate researchers: