The Lab

We can use a variety of techniques and settings to test the cognitive abilities of monkeys in our lab, including:

Computer controlled touch screen systems
These testing rigs are used in the monkeys' living quarters permitting participation in cognitive testing at will through the day. Monkeys that work at home complete more trials per day, are able to maintain social contact, and present fewer management concerns for the experimenters.



bthSound attenuating booths
Three sound attenuating booths, each equipped with a touch-screen cognitive testing system, are available for acoustic isolation and distraction-free cognitive testing. These booths have been used for studies of visual-acoustic crossmodal memory and for studies using looking time as the dependent measure.



Open-field foraging room
Our foraging room allows monkeys to explore and learn in a large area where food can be hidden and puzzles presented. The experimenter can observe the monkeys from a separate room.




The Yerkes Field Station
The field station houses around 2,200 primates in large social groups. Monkeys can be observed here engaged in natural social behavior. See our facilities for automated cognitive testing at the Field Station here.


The Yerkes Imaging Center
The imaging center is located adjacent to our lab. PET and MRI imaging facilities are available to assess the neural correlates of behavior and cognition.