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Kim Wallen

Samuel Candler Dobbs Professor of Psychology and Behavioral Neuroendocrinology

385 Psychology Building
36 Eagle Row
Emory University
Atlanta, GA 30322

Phone: 404-727-4125
Fax: 404-727-0372

Dr Wallen received his B.A. in Biology at  Antioch College in 1970 where he first worked with nonhuman primates at the Oregon Primate Center while on an antioch coop job.  After completing two years of alternative service as a conscientious objecter he entered graduate school in Neuroscience at the University of Wisconsin in Madison, Wisconsin receiving his Ph.D. in 1978.  His graduate work was followed by post-doctoral training at the Wisconsin Regional Primate Research Center before joining the faculty of Emory College in 1979.  Dr. Wallen has been the President of the Society for Behavioral Neuroendocrinology and the International Academy of Sex Research.  He is an Associate Editor of the journal, Hormones and Behavior.

Courses Taught
  • PSYC 321/NBB 321  Behavioral Neuroendocrinology of Sex
  • SYC 551: Psychobiology Proseminar 
  • PSYC 770U: Unix Tools for Behavioral Research 
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