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Each psychology major is assigned an academic advisor and should meet with that advisor on a regular basis to discuss courses to take to meet the requirements for the major. In addition, students should talk to their advisors about future career plans if they include graduate training in psychology, as there may be additional courses they should take for entrance to graduate school. Advisors will be available during advising and direct enrollment periods; however, advisors often have more time to spend with students at times other than advising or direct enrollment periods. We hope that students will take advantage of these times in scheduling appointments with their advisors.

Students unhappy with their advisors may come by Suite 270 in the Psychology Building to fill out a request to change advisors. Students may also change advisors if their area of interest becomes more closely aligned with another faculty member’s area of expertise. STUDENTS MAY NOT CHANGE ADVISORS DURING THE ADVISING OR DIRECT ENROLLMENT PERIODS.

Sign-up sheets will be placed outside each advisor’s office in the weeks before advising period. It is strongly advised that students sign up as early as possible for advising.


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