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Frequently Asked Questions
About the Psychology Major from Oxford Continuees

1. Do the psychology courses I took at Oxford College count toward the Psychology major at Emory College?

Yes, the majority of the Psychology courses you took at Oxford can be counted toward the 10 courses you need to complete for the Psychology major. The exceptions are Psych 397R (Directed Study), other applied courses (course numbers may vary) and Special Topics courses for less than 4 credit hours.

2. Emory College has a 2 semester Intro sequence for Psychology. How does my one semester Introduction to Psychology course map onto this sequence?

Successful completion of Psych 100 at Oxford fulfills the Psych 111 portion of the Intro sequence. If you have taken and successfully completed Psych 100, you may not take Psych 111. If you did not take Psych 207 (Brain and Behavior) on the Oxford campus, then you must take Psych 110 to complete the Intro sequence. If you did take Psych 207 on the Oxford campus, then you have a choice. You may choose to

  1. use Psych 207 to fulfill the Psych 110 requirement. If you choose this option, you will need to take an additional Neuroscience and Animal Behavior course to fulfill the breadth requirement. Psych 207 cannot fulfill both the Intro sequence and the Neuroscience and Animal Behavior breadth requirement.
  2. take Psych 110 to complete the intro sequence and use Psych 207 to fulfill the Neuroscience and Animal Behavior breadth requirement.

3. I took the Advanced Placement test in high school and received 4 hours of college credit. How do I complete the Intro sequence?

Receiving a 4 or a 5 on the AP Psychology test exempts you from having to take Psych 111; it does not give you credit for Psych 111. What this means it that you will still need to take 10 college courses in Psychology, you simply don’t have to take the portion of the introductory sequence that you covered in your high school class. You will need to replace Psych 111 with an additional elective of your choice.

4. I took Math 107 (Introduction to Probability and Statistics) at Oxford. Do I have to take QTM 100 (Introduction to Statistical Inference)?

Yes, even if you have completed Math 107 you will still need to take QTM 100 for the Psychology major. Taking Math 107 does not exempt you from this requirement. Math 107 is a theoretical math course that discusses about statistical concepts from a math perspective. QTM 100 is an applied course which takes those math concepts and shows you how to apply them to the types of behavioral data that psychologists work with. In addition, you will also learn to use statistical analysis packages on the computer. You will find that most of the students in QTM 100 have also already had Math 107.

5. Some of the courses I took at Oxford fulfill one of the three breadth requirements for the Psychology major. Can my Oxford courses be used to fulfill the breadth requirements?

Yes, courses taken at Oxford may be used to fulfill the breadth requirements. Courses you may have taken at Oxford which fulfill breadth requirements include:

  • Personality/Social Area
    - Psych 210 – Adult Abnormal
    - Psych 330 – Personality Theories
  • Neuroscience and Animal Behavior Area
    - Psych 207 – Brain and Behavior (n.b. see Psych 110 discussion)
  • Cognition and Development Area
    - Psych 205 – Human Development

Other courses you took at Oxford will be used to fulfill the elective portion of the major requirements. Such courses might include Psych 208 (Psychology of Women), Psych 221 (Human Sexuality) and 4 hour Special Topics courses


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