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Psychology and Linguistics Joint Major

Required Courses

Students are required to take four basic courses in the study of psychology. These course should be completed prior to first semester of senior year.

  • PSYC 110 Intro. to Psych I: Psychobiology and Cognition
  • PSYC 111 Intro to Psych II: Development, Social Behavior and Individual Differences

Oddities in Intro:

A/P Credit: Students who received a score of 4 or 5 on the AP Examination in Psychology will be granted an exemption from PSYC 111. The student will still be required to complete 10 additional courses in the major, including the first half of the Introductory Requirement, PSYC 110.

Transfer Credit: Students who took a one-semester Intro course at another college will probably receive credit for PSYC 111. The student will be required to take 9 additional courses in the major, including the first half of the Introductory Requirement, PSYC 110.

  • PSYC 200 Laboratory Methods
  • QTM 100 Introduction to Statistical Inference

Students will also take two core courses in the study of linguistics:

  • LING 101 History of the American Languages
  • LING 201 Foundations of Linguistics

Students must take four additional elective courses including:

  • PSYC 215 or PSYC 310 Cognition or Cognitive Development
  • PSYC/LING 309 or PSYC/LING 316 Brain and Language or Language Acquisition

PSYC elective—note that there are many relevant Psychology courses offered regularly on such topics as animal communication, non-verbal communication, and emotion and communication.

LING electives—note that each semester, there are a number of courses cross-listed between Linguistics and both social science departments (e.g., Anthropology) and humanities departments (e.g., English, Middle Eastern Studies, Russian) in addition to regularly offered Linguistics courses.

LING 499/PSYC 499 Directed Study—Students will complete the major by engaging in a Directed Study research project with a faculty supervisor. This project involves research and analysis based on either original data collection or comprehensive theoretical reading. PERMISSION IS REQUIRED FOR ENROLLMENT IN PSYC 498R OR 499R. Contracts are available in Room 270 of the Psychology Building, and must be completed prior to enrollment. To enroll in Ling 499, please contact the Linguistics office at 404-727-7904, or Students must enroll in four credit hours of 499 in a single semester. Students must register for these courses prior to the close of the schedule change period each term.


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