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Transferring Credit

There are four stages you must go through to make sure your courses are transferred correctly: Determine your eligibility, Get College approval to take courses elsewhere, Pre-approve your courses through the Psychology department, and Transfer your completed credits.

Part I: Find Out If You Are Eligible to Take Courses Elsewhere

1. Will taking these courses result in your having more than 68 hours of credit?
Emory College does not allow students with more than 64 Semester hours to begin work at another institution, unless the course is for ADVANCED STUDY IN THE MAJOR ONLY. Permission to do so can be granted only if the Chair of the Undergraduate Curriculum Committee certifies the advanced level of the proposed courses and provides a compelling justification why these courses cannot be taken at Emory. This approval must be given in writing before the work is attempted. You must see the Chair of the Undergraduate Curriculum Committee to request this documentation.

2. Are you in good standing with regard to conduct and honor codes? Do you have a cumulative GPA of 2.0 or higher? Is the school you wish to attend accredited?
If the answer to all of these questions is YES, you many proceed to the next step.

Part II: Getting College Approval to Take Courses at Another Institution

Get College Approval to Take Courses at Other Institutions.
Go to the College Office (WH 300), and request information/application about transient study.

Part III: Getting Pre-Approval for Courses to Count Toward Your Major

1. Apply for Pre-Approval for the Course(s) to Count Toward Your Major.
You must get your course(s) pre-approved through the PSYCHOLOGY Department. Pre-approval from the College to take courses elsewhere does NOT guarantee that they will be accepted toward the major. Get a "Transfer of Credit from Other Institutions Toward an Emory Degree in Psychology” form and a “Course Transfer Form," for each course you will want credit for. Complete these forms and RETURN them to the Psychology Building, Suite 270.

2. Wait for Notification.
The Undergraduate Curriculum Committee will make their decision and notify you via e-mail as to whether your courses have been pre-approved. Make sure we have your correct e-mail address, or this information will not get to you.

Part IV: Transferring Your Completed Credits

1. Have Your Transcripts Showing Completed Work Elsewhere Sent to the College Office.
Transcripts should be sent to the College Office (WH 300). You will be notified in writing of your transfer credit status. You will receive an “Emory Evaluation of Credit” form showing how many credit hours Emory College granted you towards your degree, and what distribution requirements the course(s) have fulfilled.

2. Get Final Approval for Transfer Credit Toward the Major Once You Have Completed the Course.
Get a "Transfer of Credit from Other Institutions Toward an Emory Degree in Psychology” form and a "Course Transfer Form," for each course you will want credit for. Complete these forms.

3. Attach a Copy of Your Evaluation of Credit Form and Return Your Paperwork.
The College will have sent you a form entitled “Evaluation of Credit”, showing that the College has approved each of your transfer courses. The Curriculum Committee CANNOT approve your courses without this document. Be certain that you ATTACH a copy of this form to your paperwork for course approval. Return your paperwork to the Psychology Office in Suite 270.

4. Wait for Notification of Approval.
You will be notified by e-mail when your course(s) have been approved by the Undergraduate Curriculum Committee for transfer credit toward the major. Make sure we have your correct e-mail address, or this letter will not get to you.


If you have taken an introductory course somewhere other than Emory, you can be fairly certain that it will transfer as PSYC 111. You will STILL be required to take PSYC 110, even if you covered some of the topics in your intro class.


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